My name is Kris. Welcome to Indie Freedom.

Indie Freedom is for artists of all types, who want to create their work without the traditional system of studios, publishers, and other gatekeepers.


I’ve worked as a writer and actor on some small films and internet shows. I’ve done standup and improv comedy all over the country, mostly in Chicago and Los Angeles. I also do voiceover, copywriting, and corporate training.


I’m not a self-help guru. I’m not a phony career coach or wannabe who pulls advice out of the air.

If I say something works, it’s because I tried it. And when I’m in the process of learning something, I’ll be totally up front and transparent about it. This site is as much a chronicle of my own progress as it is a guide for anyone else looking to do the same thing.

My first goal is to independently write, produce, and star in a feature film. Down the line, Indie Freedom will also explore:

  • Publishing a novel
  • Releasing an album
  • Producing a live show

Welcome to Indie Freedom.