Book Review: Indie Film Producing

Indie Film Producing is a freaking fantastic book.

It’s easy to say “Hey, I’m producing a film.” But what on earth does that actually mean? Suzanne Lyons wrote a terrific breakdown of her process in producing three independent films.

What’s great about the book is that Lyons walks you through the whole thing. From the mundane process of filing an LLC to negotiating fees with film sales agents, there is a ton of specific, actionable information. For people like me, who like to obsess over little details, it’s really nice to have a section about “What Type Of Checks To Get From Your Bank?”. (Answer: the kind with stubs, so you can write down the details of the transaction for later.)

What’s Good

Everything. I’ve read and re-read this book a few times now. It’s especially helpful because it’s not like she was producing some huge budget blockbusters. These were all small-budget films.

Lyons also includes a ton of detailed contracts, writers agreements, and documents for investor pitches.

What’s Bad

Nothing, really. The only critique I would have is that things change so quickly these days, that some of the information might be out of date. But that’s hardly the author’s fault.

Who Should Read This Book?

Someone who is actually about to start making an indie film. You may not follow all of the steps in this guide, particularly if you’re shooting a micro-budget feature with your friends. But it’s helpful to know the potential pitfalls that are out there.