Diary Of Making A Movie #7 – Mo’ Characters, Mo’ Problems


Halfway through the first draft. Also have an actor signed on for the short film. We’ll be shooting in 4-6 weeks. If he works out, then he’ll play the exact same role in the feature.

Right now, the relationship between my character and his client is the through-line of the whole story. I think this is going to be the way to go, rather than have multiple storylines like in Best In Show.

The real challenge is going to be with these additional characters, the other life coaches. How much time to devote to them?  Every new person adds a layer of complexity to not only the story, but the shoot itself. Scheduling, insurance, and even food all become a concern.

There’s going to be at least one day of shooting that will have a ton of people—a life-coach convention. My aim is to shoot that whole scene in one day, so that it will be cheaper and easier to schedule. If the majority of the shoot days are with just me and the other main character, the $10,000 budget should still be feasible.