Diary Of Making A Movie # 8 – Spinning Too Many Plates


Oh boy. The past few weeks have been a lesson in multi-tasking. And the lesson? DON’T DO IT. A full month has gone by and I’m only 2/3 of the way through the first draft. Embarrassing.

Why didn’t I get anything done?

Well, I actually got A LOT done. Just not the RIGHT things.

I got offered a freelance consulting gig, which sounded like a nice way to get some quick cash for the movie. The problem? Between a full-time job, freelance gig, family, and basic life tasks—I didn’t have any time to actually work on the script. (Or a better answer: I didn’t give myself time to work on the script.)


How did this even become a thing?

Doing Multiple Projects At Once Is A Recipe For Failure

My days have been non-stop from about 6:30am until 10:00pm. And by the time I had a free hour to myself, my brain was so fried that I could barely see straight, much less do deep, creative work.

The second I finished the freelance gig, I felt an incredible weight off my shoulders. It wasn’t the time commitment—which was manageable. It was the fact that my brain was hopping from one task to the next.

It’s Not Just About Time Management, It’s About Mental Energy

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last year, it’s the importance of energy. You have to channel it in the right direction. And more importantly, you can’t WASTE energy on things that won’t help you.

Out of every task I do, screenwriting takes the most amount of focus and energy. I need to write before I do any other work during the day.

Note to self: Focus on just ONE THING. It’s better that way.