Diary Of Making A Movie #1 – The Absolute Beginning

I got inspired by Robert Rodriguez’ awesome book Rebel Without A Crew and decided to document the process for making a feature film.

Here’s where I’m at so far:

So the movie is going to be a mockumentary about a terrible life coach.

I’ve got a basic idea, but now I have to flesh it out so that there’s enough of a narrative to carry 90 minutes of film.

I’m also wondering how many actors I can get away with. This will be my first feature and I don’t want the number of characters to get out of control.

Social Media

I also made some goofy accounts for the character of the movie. I figure it will be a good chance to try out some jokes. Plus, this will give me a almost 8 months of building out the social profiles before we start filming.

If you want to check them out, they’re here:




Next up is to make a Youtube channel, to make some practice videos before doing the short in a couple months. That way, I can play around with the character and see what works and what doesn’t.