Diary Of Making A Movie #2 – Memes and More Memes

Dec. 20th

The movie-making diary continues!

Here’s how I have been making those memes for the Fake Life Coach character.

I got a subscription to Graphicstock to get some royalty-free stock photos for the memes.

(Pro-tip—that same company also owns Audioblocks (royalty-free music) and Videoblocks (royalty-free footage). If you need all three, sign up for one and then wait for a discount email. I got a year’s worth of Audioblocks for 50 bucks, instead of the usual 100)

I’m pretty terrible at design, so I’ve been using Adobe Spark, a free site.

And that’s basically it.

I’m terrified I’m going to write a meme identical to someone else’s, so I’ve been Googling my phrases after writing them. No hits yet, thankfully.


—- —- —-

The only downside is that all of this is time-consuming. Making the memes isn’t bad, but the posting is tedious. Been using HootSuite to preschedule posts, but even with that—you have to manually post to Instagram.

Meanwhile, I only spent an hour on the actual script this weekend. Lame.

The last thing I want is to spend all my time working AROUND the actual project, without getting the important work done.