How I Met Victor Pride (or The Importance Of Synchronicity)

Living in LA means that you will spend a significant amount of time in traffic, no matter what you do. I drive for at least an hour a day, despite living only a few miles from work.

So I usually listen to podcasts during my commute. Tim Ferriss, Mixergy, some business podcasts—a wide variety.

This morning I happened to be listening to a podcast by Nick Kelly (or as he is known by his nom de guerre, Victor Pride). I stumbled upon Victor’s site, Bold and Determined, a couple of years ago and was super impressed by the articles I read.

Fun fact: When I was first getting started with this site, I read his Blog Artist’s Handbook and got a ton of insight into the entire process. (Double fun fact: I am the Kris in the list of testimonials)

A warning: Some readers might find Bold and Determined offensive—it’s definitely not for everyone. 

[And I shouldn’t even have to point this out, but liking someone’s work doesn’t mean that I 100% agree with every one of his opinions. I don’t agree with anyone 100%. And if you only learn from people that you agree with, you’re missing out on a lot.]

Anyway, the podcast was about creation and getting your message out there. And this sentence jumped out:

“People will find you when they need to find you.”

Anyway, I stop for coffee near my office, as I usually do. And as I’m walking outside with my cup of cold brew, who do I run into? Victor Pride!

How I Met Victor Pride Or The Importance Of Synchronicity

To be fair, Victor is easy to spot. The guy is huge.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty bizarre feeling to be listening to somebody on your stereo speakers and then run into him a minute later. Particularly when the last thing you hear is “People will find you when they need to find you.”

After taking a second to reconcile those two facts in my brain, I introduced myself. He was super polite and friendly, despite some weirdo accosting him outside of a coffee shop.

Me: I really like your stuff. I was just listening to your podcast a minute ago.

Victor: How’d you find the podcast?

Me: Through your site.

Victor: You read my site?

Me: Yeah. I actually just read New World Ronin. It was dope.

Victor: You look like you don’t need it.

Chance or Synchronicity?

It’s easy to write moments like that off as random events. “Oh big deal, you heard a thing and then saw someone.” But that’s a depressing, weak way to live. Where’s the fun in that?

I believe in synchronicity. Things that come together without specific cause-and-effect. And I choose to view those moments as signs. Now whether you believe it’s a sign from God, the Universe, or your own conscious mind—that’s totally up to you.

To double down on the synchronicity, I’ve been working on a new business over the last few days. No, not the indie movie. Something else entirely that I’ll announce when it’s done. (The movie is still happening, this business will just help finance it.)

His book New World Ronin is about being an artist and entrepreneur. And today is the day that I realized that’s what I am. Now it’s just a matter of putting it out there in the world.

UPDATE: Hear about this in Indie Freedom Podcast #6.