How To Submit Your Movie To IMDB

After directing my first short film, I wanted to put it up on IMDB. And despite having worked as an actor and screenwriter on a few projects, I had no idea how to do it.

Thankfully, it’s pretty freaking easy.

The Obvious Way

On the IMDB Help section, you can link directly to the submissions page. Or if you can even Google “How To Submit To IMDB” and land on that page. (Note: This is the exact same process for submitting music videos or web series, as well.)

How To Submit Your Movie To IMDB 1

They’ll also ask you a million times to join IMDBPro, which is their paid service that allows you to upload headshots and search for the agents and managers of actors. Just ignore that.

Honestly, IMDBPro is not necessary for most people. I had an account for a while and didn’t get much use out of it. Unless you’re casting a project and need to find out who represents a certain actor, I doubt you will either.

Anyway, Google and two minutes of typing will get your film on IMDB. But there’s an even better way to do it:

The Easy Way

Are you planning on submitting your film to festivals? If so, you don’t even need to bother with creating the title on IMDB.

Amazon owns IMDB, as well as Withoutabox. Withoutabox is the #1 site (maybe the only site) for submitting to film festivals around the world.

All you have to do is create an account (for free) and submit your project.

How To Submit Movie To IMDB


Once you fill in your information, the next page will ask you if you want to create an IMDB title page:


How To Submit Movie To Festivals


I actually learned this the hard way after submitting my short to a couple of local festivals. After I uploaded everything, they said “Great! We’ll go ahead and automatically create your IMDB listing!”. Doh!