Indie Filmmaking Resources

I’ve been consuming far more content than I’ve been producing, hence the lack of updates. Here are a couple of the sites I’ve been reading:

imgresFilm Specific  — This site is run by veteran sales agent Stacey Parks, who has also written a pretty compelling book about indie film distribution. What I like about this site is that it is focused on what distributors (i.e. “the people who buy your film”) are actually looking for. Indie filmmaking is probably one of the few industries where the marketplace is the LAST concern, instead of the first.


Film Trooperimgres The owner of this site, Scott McMahon, made a feature film for FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS. That’s freaking insane. After seeing something like this, you realize there are no excuses.


Indie Wireimgres-1 This site can suck you in, because there are SO MANY articles. This is probably the biggest indie film site out there—more like CNN than a collection of how-to articles. Plenty of gems here.