The Shift

It can happen for any number of reasons. Maybe you had a child. Maybe you got inspired by the success of a friend. Maybe you finally just said “fuck it” and decided to stop with the half-measures.

And suddenly…

  • Your actions are focused
  • You are not wasting your time indulging in nonsense, like waiting for someone to “discover” you.
  • You are DOING. You are CREATING.

When this happens, you know that you’ve made a profound shift in how you see the world.

You used to be jealous. Now, you don’t have time to be jealous because you’re too busy creating your future.

You used to be anxious. Now, you’ve realized that anxiety is just unfocused energy needing an outlet.

You used to feel helpless. Now, you’ve discovered the unbelievable well of abilities, skills, and drive that can propel you farther than you could have imagined.

You used to plod through the days. Now, you attack each day the moment you wake up. By the time your head hits the pillow, you are completely worn out in the best possible way.

You used to wonder. Now, you don’t wonder anymore. You plan. You execute.

— — —

Have you shifted? Why not?