What Vin Diesel Can Teach You About Filmmaking


Vin Diesel was a nobody. He didn’t have famous parents, he didn’t go to Juilliard, and he wasn’t getting anywhere with his acting career.

So what did he do? He made things happen, the Indie Freedom way.

Vin Diesel spent $3000 to make a short film called Multi-Facial, a comedy about a bi-racial actor. He not only produced the movie, but he also wrote, directed, and starred in it. It’s a heartfelt, funny, and charming story about a guy who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere.

And guess what? Multi-Facial screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Then, he wrote/produced/directed/starred in a feature film, Strays. THAT movie went to Sundance.

Steven Spielberg saw him and put him in Saving Private Ryan. And the rest is history.

— — —

So what can you learn from Vin Diesel’s path to success?

  • There is only one YOU. You are utterly unique. If the world wants to pigeonhole you, it’s your job to show them who you are.
  • Stop waiting to get discovered. If you’re not getting the roles you want, the jobs you want—then go out and make it happen yourself.
  • At the lower levels of the industry, the gatekeepers can only say no. The best they can do as send you up to someone else. Get to the “yes” person. In Vin Diesel’s case, it was having his film play in front of the most powerful producers and directors in the world. One “yes” from Steven Spielberg completely changed his life.

You can watch Multi-Facial on Youtube: